Eco Children’s 6 Piece Bamboo Dinner Set

for kids
  • Reliable and Durable – Custom-tailored from premium quality bamboo fibres, this Children’s 6 Piece Bamboo Dinner Set is built to last. Drop, impact and bend-resistant, Eco Bravo’s Bamboo Dinnerware Set is capable of withstanding any amount of punishment that your child may throw at it.
  • Easy Maintenance – Washable by hand or dishwasher, this bamboo dinnerware set will not add any hassles to your day-to-day cleaning schedule. Please note – none of the items included in this set is microwave-safe. Do not put expose any of the utensils, the cup, or bowl to microwaves.
  • Keep Your Child Safe – Resilient and eco-friendly, bamboo is the premier choice for kid’s dinnerware. All parts of this set are entirely organic, BPA-free and toxin-free. Make the safer and environmentally-friendly choice today and leave all chemical-ridden, disposable dinnerware items behind.
  • Keep Your Child Engaged – Brightly coloured and fun, this 6 piece bamboo dinner set will help you keep younger children’s attention on the important tasks at hand, without having to spend more effort than needed. Who said dinner couldn’t be fun?
  • Additional Safety Measures – As with most children’s dinnerware sets, our bamboo kit comes equipped with special anti-spill and anti-slip features

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