Water Filter Glass Jug 2.0L with Filter Cartridge

About this item
  • Total capacity: 2.0 L | Filtered water: 1.0 L | Colour: White
  • Smart filling lid | Stylish and space saving design
  • Always visible filter exchange reminder ensures best quality of filtered water
  • LED sensor indicator with built-in motion sensor indicates the status of the filter every time the jug is lifted. If the LED lights up in blue - your filter is good. If the LED lights up in red - the filter should be replaced. The LED starts flashing in red automatically when filter exchange is required.
  • With Dafi water filters you will discover the true taste of water which is undisturbed by pollution as well as beverages and meals prepared from filtered water. Dafi filter removes effectively anything that interferes with its flavor – like; heavy metals (lead, copper), chlorine, or a lime scale and lets you enjoy the pure and tasty water.

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