First I would like to clarify – there is no right and wrong here, one man’s meat is another man’s poison!

We are all different, with different requirements and underlying problems and should keep that in mind.
But the only thing that should be in common – it’s a stress free, healthy relationship with food.

Having a healthy relationship with food is all about balance. I try not to categorise food as bad or good, food is just food. It’s important to understand that you can enjoy your favourite foods even if they are high in calories, fat or added sugars. The key is moderation! Balancing them out with healthier food choices.

Keep this in mind :
If you find that you normally eat your favourite (not so healthy) foods every day, try to eat them less often by cutting back to once a week or two weeks. This way your brain knows that you are not depriving yourself completely so you don’t have this stress of deprivation.

And second thing – always try to balance your meals with lots of veggies and other whole foods. So if you do have a slice of pizza or burger – have a large salad on the side, maybe also add sweet potato chips instead of white potato, although nothing wrong with white potato from time to time. 

Eat by the rule 80 /20 :
80% whole unprocessed food and 20 % food you like as a treat – some people crave pizza, others love cakes or ice-cream, so go on and enjoy them!
Meet friends for BBQ, or for coffee and a cake! You want to be social , not antisocial, so healthy and friendly relationships with food are very important!!