A month ago, precisely after New Year’s overindulgence :-), I decided to start doing regular exercises as a part of my New Year’s resolution. For a long while I have had a feeling that I haven’t really been doing enough to keep my body in a good shape, in the shape which was given me by mother nature… I kept looking at my old BJ (Before Jake :-)) photos where I was about 7 kg lighter, stronger and leaner and thought – I could do better than this… Why shall I keep being unsatisfied with my shape and not doing anything about it when success is an option if I push just a little bit harder?

So, I had to reconsider and change a few things.
Sadly I have no time to go to gym on a regular basis, so I started doing daily 30 minutes classes at home, after going through YouTube fitness videos. I was already doing yoga at home, thanks to my all time favourite teacher Lucas Rockwood who kindly recorded his class online so I got it, so I added some cardio and typically girlies legs-bum-tum exercises, and all I can say that I am feeling better than ever and finally have a feeling of satisfaction that I am actually doing something!

Another thing I had to change a bit was my diet. Our food was already fully organic, home-made and pretty healthy, but I needed to get even more nutrients into my body to help it to get into a better shape quicker. So, I started being a bit more adventurous with my food, keeping it easy at the same time.

I absolutely despise very complicated recipes, the ones which take hours to prepare and need a lot of ingredients, so I try to keep it within my free time limit, making it healthy and yummy at the same time.
So, a few days ago, my chia-buckwheat layered breakfast was born. Here it is! 

It may look complicated but it isn’t. Honestly, most of it you actually prepare night before. 
I soaked my chia seeds in almond milk overnight in the fridge, I soaked my buckwheat grains in the filtered water and I soaked my dates in the separate bowl as well. In the morning I drained and rinsed the buckwheat grains and then blended it with banana, softened dates, cacao powder and a spoon of coconut oil.  
I topped it with vegan CoYo chocolate coconut yoghurt , cacao nibs, and a few buckwheat grains but you can top it with nuts, seeds, flaked coconut, hemp seeds… anything really, the choice is yours. 

I have already written in detail of the nutritious benefits of chia seeds here  and buckwheat here , so as you see, this breakfast nutritiously is very rich. That’s what your body is asking for. A few extra vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other important nutrients a day would dramatically improve your immune system, your digestion, your skin and hair, your wellbeing generally, so it is really worth to invest some time of your day in your health, because this is the most important thing you have in your life. 
Hope you try to make it and enjoy! 

Buckwheat Porridge layer

  • 1 cup soaked overnight raw buckwheat groats
  • 1 banana
  • 4-5 soaked overnight dates (save the liquid from soaking and add it to the blend in the end if it too thick)
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Chia Pudding Layer
  • 4 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp honey/maple sirup/coconut sirup
  • Few drops of vanilla
  • 250ml almond/coconut/hazelnut/oat milk

Top layer
  • 1 Coconut Yoghurt ( I used CoYo 125 g chocolate coconut yoghurt )
  • a few cacao nibs/nuts/seeds to sprinkle on top.

Night before
  • Soak your buckwheat overnight in 2-3 cups of water.
  • Soak dates overnight in 1 cup of water
  • Mix the chia seeds, honey and nut milk in a bowl or a jar, stir everything together, cover with a lid or cling film and place it in the fridge overnight.
Next morning
  • Drain and then rinse buckwheat grains a few times.
  • Add all the ingredients for the buckwheat layer to a food processor and blend until it becomes creamy and smooth. If you need - add a bit of a liquid left over after soaking dates, until you reach the desired consistency. It should not be runny, but not too thick either.

Assemble the layers
  • Chia pudding
  • Buckwheat porridge on top of chia
  • Coconut yoghurt.
  • Sprinkle cacao nibs/seeds/nuts on top.