After my 1.5 month long holiday with lots of mum’s cooking involved, I feel I need to drop a couple of kilos if I still want to wear clothes from my wardrobe 
So, the lunch today was was very low carb one. From my own experience and results with my clients, I must admit that low-carb diet works the best. And the best thing about this diet that you still get to eat food. Quite a lot of it actually. And drink coffee 
But let’s talk about it next time, or you can always contact me for personal diet plan if you find yourself in my position and need to drop some weight asap. 

Going back to our lunch, I made a courgette spaghetti salad. I do own a spiraliser, and although I don’t use it on a daily basis, but it’s still nice to have it when I need it. This is what I have and it is a pretty good kitchen tool, even my son likes to use it when he is helping me to cook.

But of course you don’t have to have one and you can use a simple potato peeler, in which case your spaghetti will look more like wide ribbons, I did that as well before and it works just fine.

Since I didn’t really intend to take pictures of my lunch and it was my last minute decision to do it so I could share it with you guys, my photos are not professional this time and taken on my good old Galaxy-4 phone. The dish is not very glamorous either, just a simple blue bowl, but hope you will not pay much attention to that. 
So, first I got some green leafy veggies – spinach and chard leaves.

Then I added my courgette spaghetti.

And then I added some crayfish tails and also some peas. You can actually add whatever you have in your fridne, bits of chicken, roasted or smoked salmon, prawns or nothing at all if you want to make it vegan. Dressing was olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, plus some salt and pepper. 

Done! Very delicious simple salad, try to make it, hope you enjoy!